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Help Stop Evictions!! 

Our Community is working tirelessly to overcome the Corvid-19 Virus in Charlotte.  Our philanthropic leaders, corporate leaders and elected officials have stepped up to ensure funding and resources are available to all residents to survive the pandemic with dignity.  

Due to Corvid-19 many hardworking people have been furloughed or laid off to no fault of their own.  Unfortunately, we still have Property owners and Property Management Companies that are threatening tenants with eviction if rents are not paid on time.  Unemployment Insurance is one of the most effective stabilizing policies in an economic downturn, as the Country is currently experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As of  April 1st over 305,804 unemployment insurance claims have been filed.

We need our NC Legislature to STEP UP!

During the COVID-19 Pandemic,  the NC Governor & Federal Government have made changes to Unemployment Benefits.  Unfortunately, NC currently has one of the least effective Unemployment programs in the Nation despite the increase in Federal funding.

We need the NC Legislature to step up and provide additional assistanceto those most impacted by making changes to the NC Unemployment claim & payment processes. The current program both limits workers ability to qualify and the actual unemployment payment check amount. As a result, even those that qualify will receive inadequate amounts for meeting their financial obligations. In addition, other hardworking people that have been furloughed or laid off to no fault of their own may not be receiving Unemployment checks

We are asking you to contact your state elected officials to address the NC Unemployment Program short comings in the April 28th short session.

Copy & paste the short note below to Email to your Representative (Click here to search for your NC House & Senate Representative email) You will have to enter your street address – then select your NC House Representative and NC Senate Representative. Please email them individually:

Dear Representative or Senator (enter their name)

I am asking that you address changes to the NC Unemployment Insurance claim and payment process during the April 28th short session.  The current program limits workers ability to qualify and limits the actual unemployment payment amount.  In addition, I am asking you to extend the amount of time unemployment benefits are available to an individual.  I am aware that NC currently has a $3.9 billion unemployment reserve fund that can be used to fund these changes.

These changes will help to keep families to pay their rents and purchase food for their families.

I look forward to your support of my request.


Enter your name

Background Information for your reference not to send to your representative:

On March 17th, Governor Cooper NC COVID-19 eliminated the following barriers to unemployment benefits (Note Currently, NC weekly benefits are capped at $350 and the duration is 12 weeks)

  1. Remove the one-week waiting period to apply for benefits

  2. Remove the requirement that a person must look for another job during this time

  3. Allows employees, who lost their jobs or who have had their hours reduced due to COVID-19 issues to apply for unemployment benefits

Federal CARES Act Unemployment Benefits:

  1. Independent contractors and self-employed workers may qualify for federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

  2. An additional flat-fee amount of $600 per week, which is referred as “Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation” may be available to a qualifying individual.

  3. CARES provides an additional 13 weeks of UI benefits as Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation.

We have seen the local courts and sheriff’s office take steps to temporarily halt evictions but unfortunately this will just delay not prevent evictions.  In addition, we have seen/heard of landlords/property managers & financial institutions showing compassion and working with residents to mitigate the impact.  Unfortunately, we have also heard/seen some landlords/property managers threatening future evictions for delayed payments.

We applaud the efforts at the Federal Level to provide near term income relief in both direct payments to families and increased Federal payments to states to fund Unemployment payments.  The one-time payment to needy families is a good start but alone will not be enough to prevent future evictions.

Again, we need the NC Legislature to step and provide additional assistance to hose most impacted by making changes to the NC Unemployment Insurance claims and payment process. 

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