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Charlotte City Budget Spending on Affordable Housing (by P. Kelly)

As we approach the Mayor and City Council election, we thought it would be a good idea to review some information on the City’s Affordable Housing Spending Budget. The following are examples of how the community could be better informed on how the City is combatting our Affordable Housing Crisis. We strongly believe this is the type of ongoing reporting that you should expect from the City.

NOTE: The Housing Trust Fund Spending only accounts for 52% of the Affordable Housing Spend

The Housing Charlotte Framework identified 4 Goals that the City is trying to achieve.

1. Expand the Supply of High-Quality Housing (e.g. new Building)

2. Expand Homeownership Opportunities (e.g. Downpayment Assistance)

3. Preserve Existing Affordable Housing (e.g. preserving NOAH, Targeted Home Rehab)

4. Support Family Self-Sufficiency (e.g. Homeless Support, Property Tax Grants)

The following table shows the mapping of the budgeted spending to the various goals.

It would be very helpful for us to know how each of the goals are supported by which City Programs.

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