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Beginning the Conversation: Wilmington's LIE

"Drawing on a wealth of primary sources, Zucchino paints a disturbing portrait of the massacre and how it was covered up by being described as a "race riot" sparked by African-Americans. This masterful account reveals a shameful chapter in American history." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

Remains of the printing press of Alexander Manly's Wilmington Daily Record after his newspaper building was burned by a white mob in 1898. North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library.

Wilmington's LIE:

In the spring of 1898, North Carolina Democrats launched what they formally called their "White Supremacy Campaign," plotting to halt black advancement "by the ballot or the bullet--or both." they held raucous rallies and fabricated sensational news stories to stoke fear of a violent black uprising in white voters and help recruit night riders known as the Red Shirts. These supporters would ensure Democratic victories in the midterm elections by threaten black citizens wit the loss of their jobs or their lives if they came out to vote. With the legislature in their favor, white supremacist Democrats would then depose Wilmington's appointed government with out consequences.

On February 6th 6:30 pm First Baptist Church we will host a discussion with Dr. Willie Griffin Historian for the Levine Museum of the New South and Peter Kelly Co-founder of Equitable Communities CLT. This discussion is Beginning the Conversation that will preface the event on February 20th with Glenn Burkins and David Zucchino author of Wilmington’s LIE.

Dr. Griffin will provide a look into the History of Wilmington and the events that took place in Wilmington. He cover the afflictions that the Black Community endured during the Infusion Movement led by white supremacists. Peter Kelly will discuss with the audience the impacts of these events and how do we move forward voting, being engaged and holding elected officials accountable.

Please open the links to signup for the events.

Free Copies of Wilmington's LIE may be picked up at one of the following Regional Libraries beginning January 23rd:

Morrison Regional7015 Morrison Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28211


6000 Conference Drive

Charlotte, NC 28212

Beatties Ford Road Regional

2412 Beatties Ford Road

Charlotte, NC 28216

University City Regional

301 East W.T. Harris Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28262

North County Regional

16500 Holly Crest Lane

Huntersville, NC 28078


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