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Equitable Communities CLT is a fact-based advocacy organization founded on the belief that informed conversation leads to better decision making. By broadening public understanding of issues surrounding Charlotte’s Affordable Housing Crisis and issues surrounding economic disparities such as wages, education and wealth, Equitable Communities CLT educates and empowers community  residents and leaders to effectively advocate for realistic and measurable solutions. 


Our growing coalition of advocates serves as an educational bridge between community partners, city leaders and elected officials to build consensus around issues where historical economic disparities and affordable housing intersect. We believe societal transformation begins with the informed individual. The arguments expressed by author Richard Rothstein in “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America” are integral to the foundation of our organization’s perspective - that we have a societal obligation to build equitable communities in order to ensure fair pathways for economic mobility. 


A key component of the Equitable Communities CLT mission involves the improvement and utilization of publicly available data. County and City information surrounding housing and economic mobility is often confusing and inconsistent. Data presentation is a major opportunity for growth in building stronger evidence based solutions and strengthening community partnerships through information sharing.


By nurturing sustainable civic and community partnerships, hosting educational programs, and generating compelling informational content we have the ability to affect long-term progress in Charlotte’s housing and economic disparities. 

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