Equitable Communities CLT is working to change the conversation around affordable and equitable housing in  the Charlotte area.


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Our work is broadening public understanding of issues surrounding Charlotte’s Affordable Housing Crisis and empowering community leaders to effectively advocate for realistic and measurable solutions in their communities. 

This Giving Tuesday we’re asking you to be part of our team as we advocate for measurable, equitable progress and #HousingForAll in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Please donate to Equitable Communities CLT. It’s quick and easy - but the impact is immediate.


Your gift will:

  • Connect cost-burdened renters and homeowners to resources

  • Fund educational programs across the City and County

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  • Fund expert oversight of changing County and City policy

Thank you for helping us build informed consensus around these complex issues. Please spread the word about #EquitableCommunitiesCLT and share the #HousingForAll campaign!