Equitable Communities CLT is working to change the conversation around affordable and equitable housing in  the Charlotte area.


Equitable Communities CLT


2820 Selwyn Avenue

Suite 684

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Help us achieve #HousingForAll

Please consider becoming a donor to Equitable Communities Charlotte. With your support we will continue to advocate for measurable, equitable progress and #HousingForAll in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. 

Join Equitable Communities CLT. Your donation will:

  • Connect cost-burdened renters and homeowners to resources

  • Fund educational programs across the City and County

  • Keep our Call to Action alerts firing to your inbox

  • Fund expert oversight of changing County and City policy

Thank you for helping us build informed consensus around these complex issues.

Your donation will create immediate impact. 

Donor Levels

Level 1 - $50.00
  • Registered donor
Level 2 - $100.00 
  • Level 1  plus
  • Customized education / action programs for your Church, Neighborhood, Library or business
Level 3 - 250.00 
  • Level 1 plus 
  • Level 2 plus
  • Discounts from minority owned stores & restaurants
  • Members only discussion with Community Leaders, Civic Leaders and prominent historical leaders
  • Small Group discussions - how to invoke systemic change
  • Exclusive Chat Room to engage with members and special guests