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The Equitable Communities CLT group will leverage the momentum gathered through the Color of Law Community book read to create a broad community-based interest group of informed advocates. Our purpose is to educate and develop community partnerships and to help identify measurable progress on the Affordable Housing Crisis and economic disparities.

Our approach to achieve this is multifaceted:

  • Educate the growing coalition of Advocates on the fact-based issues of the Affordable Housing Crisis so they can focus the collective energy in a consistent direction.

  • Support the development and utilization of more detailed information to enable all interested parties to agree and understand the current status and how to measure long term progress in housing and economic improvements for the Community.

  • Advocate for alternative approaches that are realistic and measurable that will help change the community approach and develop community understanding of the effect on a community.

  • Become a trusted community source for information related to affordable housing and economic issues impacting the communities. Generate ongoing fact-based information that challenges the current ‘public dialogue’.

  • Promote Community partnership by active and meaningful information sharing with different segments of the community to enhance knowledge and behaviors

  • Advocate for the evolution of the Affordable Housing Conversation to the broader discussions of Economic disparities within our community.

  • Become a value-add resource for the community to accelerate effective progress toward solutions for the Affordable Housing Crisis and improving Economic disparities.

What makes Equitable Communities CLT's
effort unique in Charlotte?

Our goal of educating the public is to create well informed advocates who understand the details and complexity of both the affordable housing and economic issues using facts that are specific and measurable. We will train and educate our advocates not to focus on generating emotional advocacy but specific fact-based measurable solution alternatives that will help to create strong Communities.

We will partner with the broader community to change the narrative and gain support for alternative actions. We will find creative ways to continue to involve the communities of people affected and leverage their input to enhance everyone’s mutual understanding.

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