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We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and interest in the Color of Law Community Book read that we hosted in January 2019.   We were thrilled with the interest and partnership across the Charlotte Community from our sponsors, Churches and you.  It is an overwhelming representation of how important affordable housing and social justice issues are for Charlotte.

Through the support of our generous sponsors we were able to purchase 1,430 paperback copies of the Color of Law that were distributed through our partner Charlotte Mecklenburg Regional Libraries.


We sponsored community discussion events attracted community members from all over the city of Charlotte.

December 3rd: Hosted by Myers Park United Methodist Church with 150 community residents in attendance.

January 8th: Hosted by CN Jenkins Memorial Presbyterian Church attracted another 250 community residents. 

January 28th: Our main event with Author Richard Rothstein, hosted by First Baptist Church West. This event had over 1,500 community residents in attendance. 

February 28th: Hosted by Myers Park United Methodist Church attracted 250 community members.

We are thankful that the Color of Law CLT Community book read has been well received and generated interest in the affordable housing and social justice issues that Charlotte is faced with today.  The Community interest and response to our sessions has energized us to continue the education and advocacy that we started with the Color of Law CLT.


To support the interest and enthusiasm, we have decided to create a permanent group to continue the education and advocacy that we have started with our Color of Law Community events.  We believe that we will be a value-add resource for the community to accelerate effective progress toward solutions for the Affordable Housing Crisis and improving Economic Disparities.


Our foundation is built on the Color of Law - we will continue to reference the historical issues and repeating patterns identified by Mr. Rothstein.  We will motivate change to create an equitable Charlotte Community for all today and tomorrow and to prevent repeating historical patterns of the past. 


We will leverage our history based on data to drive us to action:   History.Data.Action

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